Branch Offices for a Foreign Company

Unparalleled growth opportunities could be well utilized by setting up a branch office for foreign companies in the global market of the UAE. Any business can build a strategic foothold with our business setup services, offering a seamless process to create a physical space in the region. CDA helps companies evade extreme legal complexities and incorporation procedures with the help of our experts. Any business branch can thrive in the competitive market of the UAE while getting access to a wide consumer base and strategic location with CDA.

  • Facilitate expansion and increase revenue streams by accessing profitable markets in the UAE.
  • Grow the business in a favorable environment while enjoying various tax advantages and incentives.
  • Increase the brand’s reputation and credibility by fostering commitment to a diverse clientele.
  • Get access to efficient logistics and international markets for the effortless operation of business.

To make it easy for companies to go through intricate legal requirements and formation procedures, CDA offers the services of a group of experienced professionals that help organizations avoid unnecessary problems and waste much time as they aim to exploit opportunities in the UAE.

CDA offers several options for strategically placed branch offices that ensure a thriving business. Hence serving as an entry point into the Middle East and beyond, which exposes firms to varied consumer classes and immense possibilities for growth.

Depending on the approval from the Ministry of Economy in UAE, the duration can range from 3 to 10 days.

To establish a branch office in Dubai, the foreign company needs to adhere to the UAE's legal and regulatory standards. This involves registering the branch with the preferred jurisdiction and obtaining a commercial license from the appropriate authority.

CDA offers comprehensive branch office opening services tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. Our experienced team provides guidance and support throughout the entire process, from initial planning and registration to operational setup and compliance with local regulations.